List of courses that are to be run as per the needs of the ACRHEM are:

  • Basics of Energetic materials
  • Propellant and explosives
  • Advanced solid state Physics and Chemistry for Propellants and explosives
  • Combustion, deflagration and detonation
  • Simulations, Molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo methods
  • Compressible fluid flow
  • Shockwave and ballistics
  • Modeling of HEM
  • Synthetic Chemistry for HEM
  • Instrumentation for HEM processes
  • HE System analysis
  • Erosion, nucleation, condensation
  • Quantum chemistry-physics of models of burning - initial, steady and advanced stages
  • Advanced Acoustics, emitters, acoustic impedance, and acoustic instabilities, control system analysis for acoustics
  • Advanced topic in electromagnetic Scattering
  • Optimal control systems
  • Mechanics and dynamics of particle suspensions.
  • High pressure Physics and Chemistry
  • Primer on Lasers
  • Advanced course in Lasers
  • Spectroscopy techniques
Each course is aimed at training students to analyze independently. Perform a scientific design strategy for a project. A student is expected to demonstrate clarity of thought and expression, critical appreciation of the existing literature, and analytical, experimental or design skills The courses are designed to have credits of value 4, or 3, or 2 to be run for a full or part of Semester.

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