Advanced centre of Research in High Energy Materials

University of Hyderabad







All the research groups are advised to use separate containers to store waste chemicals, solvents and other substances as mentioned below.

(Use the drums that you receive during the purchase of solvents; carton-boxes for solid waste can be collected from the chemistry stores)

a.     Halogenated solvents - store in used drum.

b.    Non-halogenated solvents - store in used drum.

c.     Used silica gel - store in carton boxes or used drum with wide opening.

d.    Used alumina - store in carton boxes or used drum with wide opening.

e.     Other solid metal waste - store in carton boxes/plastic containers.

f.       Used syringes and other plastic materials (including Bottle Caps) - store in carton boxes.

g.     Used needles, broken glasses and other piercing materials - store in carton boxes.

h.    Empty bottles without caps - Keep in carton-boxes (do not give it to sweepers). The filled carton-boxes should also be transferred to the designated store room for waste materials. The bottles should not contain any explosive (Sodium, BuLi, LAH, Pd/C etc.) or inflammable or toxic materials - They should be washed free of these chemicals as per recommended procedures.

i.       Bottle caps should be disposed of separately (see item f).


All aqueous waste may be diluted with water and poured into the sink. One sink in each lab will be identified and connected though a common duct and will be sent for water treatment.


The filled containers and carton boxes should be shifted periodically to a designated room in the Shed (some rooms are being used by the Security Personnel) at the left side of our School of Chemistry Building.

(The key to the room can be collected from the School office or KM lab. Use the carts kept near all corners of the building).


Return the key to the place where you collected and replace the carts to its designated place.