Advanced Centre of Research in High Energy Materials is an interdisciplinary research effort working towards understanding of theoretical/experimental aspects in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics of processes, Photonics/Electronics instrumentation involved in High Energy Materials.

ACRHEM is in the process of developing state of the art research facilities and techniques for perceiving the properties of high energy materials (HEMs) through experiments with lasers, theoretical calculations and modeling, synthesis of novel HEMs and nano-energetics. ACRHEM also aims for quality teaching with student-faculty ratio highly favorable for individual attention.

The centre has various ongoing research programs in experimental and theoretical fields to train Ph.D. scholars in the areas of fundamental and applied fields of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics, Materials/Electronics and Photonics instrumentation.

Ph.D Viva of Ms. P.T. Anusha entitled "Studies on Ultrafast Excited State Dynamics in Corroles, Naphthosapphyrins, Phthalocyanines and Porphyrins. " at 11:00 a.m hrs on 29th April, 2016 . Pdf
Vanue : Seminar Hall, School of Physics.

University of Hyderabad, Prof C.R.Rao Road Centeal University Campus P.O.
Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500046, India.
Phone numbers: 040-23138701,23010104 Fax- 040-23012800


    Pre-Ph.D seminar of Mrs. G. Venkata Vijaya Lakshmi during 15:00 Hrs to 15:00 Hrs on 29.04.2016. all are invited.